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Southern New Hampshire University Graduates Are Go-Getters

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) thinks that college should change your life, not break the bank – a private college education should be affordable. SNHU is the most affordable private university in New Hampshire. The University has increased its grants and scholarships, and more than 90 percent of its students get some kind of financial aid.

Academic programs at SNHU are created with the real world in mind, so students are prepared to launch successful careers when they graduate. Classes are taught by highly credentialed faculty who have professional experience and remain current in their fields. The University has great relationships with a number of respected and high-profile employers who provide internship and job opportunities.

Attention is given to the qualities industry leaders say they want in employees. As a result, SNHU graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to benefit any organization. SNHU has often been told that its graduates contribute from day one on the job — while others need the most basic of training before they can even get started. More than 97 percent of undergraduates land great jobs with prominent companies after graduation.

SNHU believes that there are no limits to what its students can do, achieve and become. Faculty and staff will help make that possible by providing academic and personal support, inside and outside of the classroom. If you need help, people will rally around you quickly.

SNHU purposefully keeps its student body small – not to exceed 2,000 undergraduate day students – so you will never be just another face in the classroom or just another number in a file. Faculty will recognize you and interact with you in the cafeteria, the fitness center and the stands. Students say SNHU feels like home.

The University offers academic programs in business, education, the liberal arts, the culinary and hospitality fields and community economic development. Associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs are offered. A variety of scholarships and financial aid options are available as well as a variety of ways to obtain degrees. Students may attend full- or part-time and take classes on campus, on location at SNHU’s centers in New Hampshire and Maine, or online.

Some graduate and undergraduate programs are unique and only offered at SNHU. The University’s 3Year Honors Program in Business is the only one of its kind in the country and offers students a challenging alternative to the traditional four-year business degree program. Learning is competency-based and nights, weekends and summers are not part of the program. Three-year plans for creative writing and justice studies are also offered. The International Business program goes through the doctoral level and offers a wider variety of courses than many other colleges — including Harvard and Columbia. Graduate programs include the M.F.A. in writing, the Global M.B.A., the M.S. in Finance, the M.S. in Marketing, and the M.S. in Justice Studies.

The University’s professors are experts in their fields. They are Fulbright scholars, writers, chefs, artists, accountants, marketing pros, economists, entrepreneurs and much more. Teaching is their primary focus and they bring their rich experience into the classroom. Instructional programs blend theory with practice to stimulate students’ professional development and personal growth.

SNHU has been honored with several awards in recent years, including Dr. Steven Painchaud’s prestigious Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs’ International Teaching Excellence Award. The student-run gourmet restaurant made New Hampshire Magazine’s “Best of NH” list. Additionally, the New Hampshire Business Review has repeatedly honored the University with Best of Business Awards for Best M.B.A. Degree and Best Online Degree Programs. SNHU has also been named a Military-Friendly School and has earned U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partner and Green Power Challenge awards.

Campus features include a new “green” Academic Center and Dining Center, wireless Internet, new dorms and apartment buildings, a simulated stock trading room, multimedia classrooms, an auditorium, the museum-quality McIninch Art Gallery, virtual science labs, technology-ready buildings, a library with resources that can be accessed via the Internet, a fitness center that rivals members-only gyms, athletic fields, cooking labs, a bakery and a restaurant run by the University’s award-winning students.

“My professors encouraged me to think about alternative ways to solve problems and were willing to help me whenever I needed it,” said SNHU graduate Matt Doggett. “I had the best four years of my life here. I didn’t want them to end — so I continued with graduate school.”

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